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Who are we?
Fantasy Premier League Veterans of 12 years.

2 Australian brothers🇦🇺 (Mick & Joff) with a vicious rivalry for the past 12 years.
We have been living and breathing FPL every season and after bringing our running tally to 6 season wins a piece have come together to share our insight and knowledge of Fantasy Football and help aspiring managers on their journey chasing those elusive green arrows.
Join us as we take hits together and bank them transfers to glory.
How did we get here?
In September 2018 Joff & Mick finally recorded the first pod.
It was a horror show.

Since then FPL Take the Hit has grown in prowess and popularity to become something we are very proud of and love sharing with the FPL Community.

The production of a podcast takes time, money, love & effort so we are absolutely thrilled you are here to support us.